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Use any of basecamp

Choose from your available Basecamp next accounts,

or spend hours watching our unearthly accounts menu, like you would look into the sky.

navigate easily through
the app

Our exceptional menu makes it easy to go to any place in the space with light speed.
Open it with regular tap, or pan on it without lifting your finger unnecessarily.

Navigate Navigate

Retractable menu settings,
and more

Drop down menu navigation
throughout the application

discuss with the
rest of the shuttle

Comment to-do's, files, or any other object on your shuttle.

Browse almost any kind of attachments including images, pdf files, and most popular documents.

Mooncamp app

Add comment,
upload and view files

01. Navigation bar
02. Sender's profile
03. Content of the comment
04. Image attachment upload
05. Add comment or change the recipients
Write comments to communicate with the rest of the team.

Easily attach images from camera roll or take new photos of the space around you.

we've landed and are waiting for you
build a base on your device

Free weekend, 15th till 17th of november